6 Problems with our School System

The traditional system of education was designed in the industrial age and is now outdated and ineffective. Learn about the 6 major problems with the system.

The Neuroscience of Creativity, Perception, and Confirmation Bias | Beau Lotto

Net Neutrality

The FCC is planning to destroy net neutrality protections, signalling the end of America's free and open internet. What does that mean and how will it affect you? Here's everything you need to know.

Facebook has 60 people working on how to read your mind

Killer Bots Movie

Movie from BAN LETHAL AUTONOMOUS WEAPONS, warning us to take action about the evolution on lethal autonomous weapons.

Forum TSF: Os Robôs vão tirar-nos os empregos?

Estamos preparados para a revolução que ameaça 5 milhões de empregos e põe em causa as contas da Segurança Social? Faz sentido agravar os impostos às empresas que substituam trabalhadores por robôs?

Technological Progress in China

China is showing the world how things should be done. Source: Hashem Al-Ghaili.

Future of Money

Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism

Slavoj Žižek doesn't buy into political correctness. In fact, it frightens him. The famed philosopher and social critic describes political correctness as a tacit form of totalitarianism, an act [...]

How Close Are We to Replacing Humans With Robots?

A.I. advancements are making robots look more like humans. How long until they replace us?